Friday, January 13, 2012

Birthday Cake Pancakes!

I obviously did something right last year because this morning I woke up to these Birthday Cake Pancakes from Jer. 
And they weren't just pancakes with candles and sprinkles they're actually little pancakes made from cake batter, glazed with powdered sugar, drizzled with love and topped of with rainbow sprinkles.  Wowzers!

And then, as if that wasn't enough, my niece (she really likes Wolverine) made this adorable video for me and I almost threw the computer across the room because it is so g.d. cute. 
Best birthday ever!!  Thanks everybody!!
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  1. that child is a musical genius, she messes up the lyrics in the 2nd verse & you're like oh shit, where is she going to go from here? what does she do? makes up her own lyrics with a personal twist that fit better anyway without missing a beat? Where did you get her!

    1. ya know, when ya got it, ya got it. i can't wait to watch her 'behind the music' special someday.