Tuesday, January 26, 2016

nice can.

For Valentine's day this year, just tell her what she really wants to hear, "you've got a nice can."  

Love ain't so hard.  #loveexpert #sweetdumpah

4"x4" canvas painting.  Email me for one of your very own! 

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Volkswagen Window Painting

It is totally normal for Volkswagen to hit me up and ask me to paint their windows for the second year in a row.  Just another day.  Nothin' to see here.  No.  Big.  Deal.  I'm a cucumber.

JUUUST KIDDING I'm totally f**king with you it's sooooo cool!!!!  Duuuuuude WHAAAT???!!  Yaaaassssss!!!!


Or whatever.  NBD.  I'm a professional.

See?  Stone cold professional.  Email me if you want to be my next giant window-painting freak out. 💋

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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Chalk dirty to me...

*Full disclosure, it took 16 tries to get the sun exactly
 right in this picture but it was toooootally worth it. 

In case you're thinking of having a weatherproof chalkboard painted by me, here is how the process works:
  • Step 1: Email me & give me a rough idea of what you want
  • Step 2: I will give you a horrible sketch of what I intend to paint for you
  • Step 3: Trust the process, the actual painting always looks better than the sketch.
  • Step 4: Enjoy your beautiful new waterproof chalkboard!!
                                                                        Final vs. Rough Draft

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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Dry Erase Boards are Remarkable

Get it?  Re-mark-able??  Cause you can erase them and remark them??  Haaaaaaaahaaaaaaahahaha....all right, all right.  Here are some mermaids I drew.  
Tough crowd.
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Fishin' for Trouble

Fish tank window for the waiting room in Emergency Radiology at Beth Israel in Boston.  Because every waiting room needs a fish tank. #mandeemade
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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Colorado or BUST!

This 6-pack of shelf sitters are packed up and on their way to a shop in the Mile High City.  
They'll be available for purchase at Fabric Bliss 989 Santa Fe Drive in Denver.  $29/ea or 2-for-$50.  

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Why did 6 hate 7?...

...because 7ATE9!!  **du dum ching!**

I painted the windows at a new bakery in my neighborhood called 7ATE9 for their Grand Opening this past weekend.  They specialize in cheesecake and make a mean ginger iced tea.

The owner Sara is as nice as the day is long and I highly recommend trying the cheesecake popsicles.

They are located at 199C Highland Ave in Somerville.

Here's what their window looked like before I got there...and after.  Window painting can make quite a difference in the visibility of your storefront.  See what it could do for your business!  Contact me at MandeeMade@gmail.com for a free quote.  

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Magpie Kids Christmas Window

Christmas window at Magpie Kids in Somerville, MA.

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Winter Window Season

Winter window season is in full swing around these parts.  
Here are some of the Winter shenanigans going on in Somerville!

...over at Treeline:

And down at Petsi Pies:

And a quick Frosty at little Tayla's house!

Off to paint more windows now.  Contact me if you'd like one of your own!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Veterans Day Tribute for my Dad

When I Saw My Dad Cry

The first time I ever saw my Dad cry I was 9 and he brought our family to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. He was then an active duty Marine and we were stationed in Quantico, VA while he went through some sort of training program to become an officer. Truth be told, I never really paid too much attention to what program or specialized training my Dad was doing when I was younger and I glazed over whenever he would talk about "the war". He was a weapons specialist and would talk about "going to the field" and come back with stories of blowing up mock buildings and how high the Hum-V blew in the air after they hit it with a rocket launcher. You know, dinner conversation. Growing up hearing about it made it seem commonplace, like it was something everyone's Dad did. Living on a military base made it all the more normal because all of our friends lived on base too and all of their Dads and Moms were shooting rocket launchers at Hum-V's too. It wasn't special or weird and it certainly wasn't something I gave any real thought to. 

Until we were at that wall. 

He was feverishly looking for the names of his friends; checking the list, looking back at the wall, "it should be right here! The map says it's right here!" He was getting more and more angry. I couldn't understand what was so important about finding some stupid name on a wall and I certainly didn't understand why he was getting so mad about it. 

And then he found the first name. And then another. And then more and more. And then, I saw my big tough 'sempri fi do or die' Dad rest his head on the wall we drove all this way to see and weep. 

And in that moment, I understood. He told my Sister and I stories about his friends while he made rubbings of their names on little white pieces of paper. Funny stories of 18-year old boys who answered the call and found themselves in Vietnam and heart wrenching stories about how each one of those young men died far before his time. 

I know now that we were in Quantico while my Dad was in Officer Candidate's School while he was working his way through the ranks to become an Officer. I know that he retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 with the respect and admiration of every man who ever served with him. I know that he wears glasses because he was hit with shrapnel under his right eye when the helicopter (he would never call it that, he would have said Loach) he and his friend were flying was hit and went down. I know that his friend didn't make it and there wasn't enough of him left to send home. I know that he carries around that memory and so many other tragic memories with him every single day. And I know that he sacrificed a lot more than 20/20 vision during his 24 years serving our country. 

I also know that my Dad, CWO3 Michael A. Martin, retired, is my hero and today I want to say thank you to him, thank you to all who serve and thank you to all who have served. 

Thank you Daddy. Happy Veterans Day!!

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