Friday, July 26, 2013

Two Little Monkeys Window Painting

Earlier this week I was invited down to paint the windows at Two Little Monkeys, a children's consignment shop in my neighborhood by the owner, Sarah.  Sarah buys & sells  gently used kid's clothes, baby swings, strollers, baby carriers, bikes, name it, she sells it.  (And at incredibly reasonable prices I might add.)

The store front has 8 windows at is about 20' long.  

I used Sarah's existing monkey characters but gave them both the signature cheesy grin that you'll find on all of my own characters.  The monkeys are having a water fight with the hose to beat this oppressive July heat here in Boston.  (Though as I type this it's a dreamy 70 degrees outside and you could even get away with wearing a hoodie.  Eep!)

I also added the shop's logo right on the center glass at eye level for greater visibility for passersby.  (I love that word.)

Contact me if you have a window that could use some love.  The designs are waterproof but also easily removed.  Perfect if you're renting or if you just have commitment issues. 

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!!
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