Sunday, January 04, 2009

And Matilda was her name-o!

She's here! She's here!! Baby Girl Rubin has come in to the world and her name is:
No, it's not John's Matilda Zoey Rubin.

I love it! She was born bright and early as babies tend to be; both Mom and baby are doing well. I was supplied a key to get in and paint her name while the family rests and gets ready for the big homecoming. No-one was happier about that than Beckett, the family dog. (Yes, Beckett, like the pitcher, these are some serious fans!)

Here are some more shots of the Jumbotron & Matilda's custom jersey:

Congratulations guys!! Can't wait to meet the little lady!! Pin It

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  1. Mandee is the BEST! She is a superstar. Matilda stares at her mural, it is so cute. Every baby needs a mural, so get Mandee to your baby's wall pronto!