Friday, May 13, 2011

Love That Dirty Water!

This month's window painting was done in honor of my Big Sister and my BFF who are coming to visit me this weekend from Colorado!  Even though I'm probably not going to drag them to the Emergency Room to see it I was just too excited about them coming to paint anything else.  

The painting is hosted by a big red lobster and includes the 3 major sports teams currently in season.  (Sorry Pat's fans...maybe you'll get some love in November.)

 (UPDATE: The Celtics are out of the playoffs...daaaaangit!!)
Here's a home-run from Fenway park...

A shot of the garden, home to the Celtics and Bruins, with the newly built Zakim Bridge going over Boston's infamous "dirty water" the Charles River.  There's a little duck boat in there too.  If you've never been on a duck boat it's just one of those things you have to do when you're in Boston...I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

And a card carrying member of Red Sox Nation high up in the seats atop the Green Monster.

Welcome back to Boston Missy & Gina!!  I love you!!!
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