Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Please, have a kidney...really.

                                                                                                            *Acrylic paint on 5"x7" mini gallery wrapped canvas.

I painted this 'thank you card' for our good friend and wedding photographer Meredith Mascola

After everything she and her assistant photographer/husband did for us before, during and after our recent wedding, just sending a thank you card would have been an insult.  Hopefully this better captures how grateful we are for everything they did for us. 

We love you guys!!!

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  1. Invite me over to see ALL the photos & album please!!! I want to cry some more!

  2. awe shucks...I feel really at ease now, knowing that if one of us goes in to kidney failure we have you as our backup organ donor.We will present the artwork to the doctor at the hospital as proof of kidney purchase :O

    Love it, love you're such a talented craffity-ist.Def. the best thank you EVER.