Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Love Fabric Bliss!

 Long overdue thank you "card" painting made for Aurora,
head crafty lady and Owner of Fabric Bliss in Denver, CO.
 Not only is Aurora a super duper double crafty lady, business owner, cat lover and hockey playing bad ass, she is also the most thoughtful and talented girl in the Northern 48 States.
 When I approached Aurora with the idea of making bow ties for my wedding in May she not only shared my enthusiasm for the project but took it to a whole 'nother level with multiple emails on color selection and fabric choices and she even sent me an entire Excel spread sheet dedicated to the topic.  Amazing!

And the results were spectacular:

The boys all loved their bow ties, even if they needed youtube to teach them how to tie them, and it added such a special, personal touch to our wedding day.

Thank you SO much Aurora!  Love you!!

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  1. Girrrrrl, you are waaaay too sweet! Thanks so so so much! I LOVE the pics of the ties - thanks for passing those on! HOORAY! Love your face!