Friday, January 20, 2012

Fluffernutter, party of two.

If you've never had a fluffernutter than this window painting might make no sense to you but I'll take my chances because here in New England the very mention of Fluff -made right here in Everett, MA- sparks childhood memories that people can't help but share...whether you like it or not. 
Being from the West Coast I had never heard of a Fluff, let alone a Fluffernutter, until I moved to Boston about 10 years ago.  You'd have thought I'd told people I had never heard of shoes the way they would look at me when I didn't know what a "fluffernutter" was.  They were outraged at my Fluff-less childhood.

And now I know why!  Fluff and peanut butter were made to be together.  They're the yin and yang of sandwich components.  And so versatile!  You can have a Fluffernutter for lunch, eat one as a snack or even have one for dessert.  Can balogna and cheese do that?
If you've never had a Fluffernutter go make one right now.  They're delicious.  And if you can't buy Fluff (not Kraft Marshmallow Cream, mind you, there's a difference) in your 'hood then use this handy Fluff-Finder feature to hunt down the closest seller.  And if that doesn't work, you can get a case delivered right to your door.  May your children never have to go Fluffernutter-less.
For more Fluff related goodness, go to the Union Square Main Street website and check out pictures from their annual 'What the Fluff?" festival.
Photo credit Jabulani Barber

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  2. I have to give credit to the man wearing the fluff shirt who I had the pleasure of taking his xray! I was ranting on about the fluff festival and he corrected me when I thought it was made in Everett.. I was suprised to find out its made in my town of Lynn Ma! Who woulda thought?! Its probs the only honorable mention in Lynn, but an o so yummy one :) I just had to share ... and I ate a fluff sandwich this weekend btw and it was delish! xo