Thursday, March 01, 2012

Lord of the Window Painting

 For March's window I painted traditional Irish Step Dancers on the window in the EU.  Well, the important half of Irish Step Dancers anyway- the dance-around-all-fast-and-high-kick part.  Step dancing, according to Wikipedia, is "Irish dancing, popularised in 1994 by the world-famous show Riverdance, is notable for its rapid leg and foot movements, body and arms being kept largely stationary."

Now, I've never actually tried Irish Step Dancing myself nor have I so much as attended an Irish Step Dancing show.   That being said, my connection to step dancing runs deep.   Deeper than the River Shannon herself, some say.  You see, I am featured four times in the Harvard College Irish Step Dancers promotional youtube video from March 2011.  

I know, I know, it's impressive but somehow I've managed to not let the fame get to me. 

You can see my work below at seconds:
39, 1:11, 1:20 & 1:29
-at 1:11 my delivery of the word 'egg' still makes me emotional to this day.  

Visit the Harvard College Irish Step Dancers facebook page for show information and more videos.   Pin It

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