Monday, May 14, 2012

Riverdog Doggy Daycare: Window Painting

Liz and I painted the window over at Riverdog Doggy Daycare in Union Square last week.
Below is what the window looked like before....wahhhh-wahhhhh.  
(That's the sound of something sad and lackluster.)  

We did a big Bernese Mountain Dog and dozens of little pink flowers to celebrate the arrival of Spring.  

And we also had to pay homage to Riverdog's River-Cat, Dennis, the friendliest cat I've ever met and the shop's unofficial mascot.  Dennis alone is reason enough to stop by the shop for a visit. 

Go check it out if you're in the neighborhood and tell 'em Mandee sent you!
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1 comment:

  1. Dennis must have been in love with the window murals, especially the Garfield-looking one. That enthusiasm will help attract potential clients and give them the impression that their dogs are safe with you. Also, the paintings are quite fancy, so there’s also the aesthetic appeal to it. How long have you been painting, Mandee?